Email Protocol

I try to respond to emails in a timely fashion. This becomes a bit tricky, given multiple classes of 35-40 students in addition to all my other email, so I need your cooperation. In fact I will insist upon it., and you are therefore requested to follow the following protocol (procedures) when sending me email:

For the purpose of this presentation, we use CISC 1115 as an example course. You would change all occurrences of CISC 1115 to the actual course you are in (e.g. CISC 3115, CISC 3142, etc).

Please Use the Proper Subject line

Please begin the subject line of ALL emails to me with the following
*** CISC 1115 ***
Without this, your emails will likely get lost in the daily email/SPAM blizzard.

Please Use a Descriptive Subject

For any assignments that may involves you emailing me code, I do not necessarily look at your program the moment I receive a completion email, however, I will look ASAP at emails containing questions or requests for debugging. Therefore, it is important that you: Examples of subject lines you should use are: the last subject line indicates that this is a non-assignment related question.

Please Include Your Full Name in the Body of the Email

Many of you have email addresses that are not indicative of your proper name. Other than the fact that you should be using a more professional email address in the context of being a student in a course (just as you should when applying for a job, or on the job itself), this practice makes it impossible for me to enter your work on my roster. In order for me to identify you, I am asking that you always 'sign' the body of your email with your full name-- regardless of whether your email address identifies you or not.

Please Do Not 'Double Up' on Messages

If you have a question, or need help with your code, please place it in its own email-- do not send me an email notifying me that an assignment is done, and in the same email ask me a question. As I mentioned above, I use the subject line to prioritize my responses-- I need to be able to see that the email involves a response.