CISC 1115
Introduction to Programming Using Java
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Working on the Exercises

The exercises are very short (usually a couple of lines) fragments of code that focus on specific topics covered by the corresponding lecture (think of them as homework questions at the back of a text's section or chapter). They serve to help reinforce the material and also to prepare you for the larger labs.

Working on the Labs

The Output Displayed for the Exercises

Exercises will often be accompanied by the details of one or more test runs. The purpose of these are to:

Motivation for Each Lab Exercise

Submitting the Lab Exercises to Codelab

Once you're satisfied that your program 'works', you should submit it to CodeLab:

About Grading ← Important!

About Deadlines and 'Freeze' Dates ← Important!

Labs will be associated with lectures … Again, all these dates will be posted in the

Only labs submitted to CodeLab are considered; there is no other mechanism for submitting your work.

'Approval' Exercises

Exercises are marked for Approval for several reasons:

A Note on the Output Displayed by CodeLab

How CodeLab Provides Feedback on Console and File Output

Note: The following display has changed a bit, but the essence is still the same.