CodeLab is a set of interactive programming exercises-- targeted to the introductory Java audience (that's you). It was developed by Turing's Craft, a company founded by myself and David Arnow (another CIS faculty member).

The main goal of CodeLab is to give you practice writing code. Not whole programs-- though there will be some of those-- but small snippets of Java. I will be assigning small sets of assignments as part of the introduction to Java-- they are meant to both review the material as well as getting your 'fingers' used to coding Java. There are deadlines with each set (usually the next class meeting), and I expect you to keep to them.

CodeLab is free to Brooklyn College students-- all you have to do is register for the CodeLab for our section. Go to and click on the register link in the upper right hand corner. Follow the instructions, and when asked for the section access code, type in the value that you received from me via email. That's it!

Once you've registered, you're good to go. Go back to the Turing's Craft Home Page and this time click login. Enter the username/password you registered with and begin using CodeLab.

These exercises are a great way for you to get feedback on whether you're understanding the material in class. The system is not meant as a quiz or testing device-- it's there to help you. If you submit an incorrect solution, you can always try again-- make sure you read the hints and feedback the system gives you-- it will usually help you on your way to a correct submission.